AIRPAC is About Honor

In addition to drilling and training, cadets are also involved in performing community service and conducting color guard and honor guard ceremonies. In the military, the color guard is a small number of soldiers (four to five) charged with protecting the flag and performing flag-raising or flag-lowering ceremonies.

At the memorial

AIRPAC Squadron’s Color Guard proudly presents colors for many parades, ceremonies, graduations, services, and even funerals throughout the year.  The team is proud to add an extra sense of patriotism and honor to local events.

AIRPAC cadets proudly performing color guard duties.

Honor Guard


In addition to performing color guard and honor guard duties, on occasion AIRPAC plays host to visiting dignitaries. During those visits, AIRPAC often provides the VIP the opportunity to do what is called, ‘trooping the line’.  Trooping the line gives a VIP the opportunity to inspect and question the cadets and gives each cadet a little special time with the VIP.  



Awaiting Inspection

Forming up for U.S. Congressman Wally Herger, AIRPAC Cadets anxiously await inspection and their opportunity to shine.