AIRPAC is About Ships

Probably one of the most memorable moments in a sea cadets life is when they step aboard there first American warship for their very first cruise. After saluting the colors flying aft and saluting the Officer of the Deck, each cadet requests permission to come aboard. When permission is granted, the cadet is officially bonded to the ship and its crew for the duration of the cruise. They are there to learn and to train. The training is designed to acquaint them with Navy life and discipline. While aboard, they receive the same courses of instruction as are given regular Navy recruits. These courses may include fire-fighting, first aid, military drill, Navy history and traditions, drug/alcohol abuse lectures and guidance.

Have you ever participated in lfire safety training aboard the newest American warship?  

AIRPAC cadets have.

Ever spent the afternoon talking with the Captain of America’s newest aircraft carrier, CVN76, USS Ronald Reagan?   

AIRPAC cadets have.

With US Ronald Reagan Captain
With the Privateer Captain

Ever visited with the captain aboard a colonial privateer sailing ship?  

AIRPAC cadets have.

Ever participated in the commissioning of the nations newest guided missile destroyer, DDG 106 USS Stockdale?  

AIRPAC cadets have.

Riding a Fast Frigate

Ask any AIRPAC cadet what they think is the most exciting, unforgettable part of Sea Cadets, they most likely will answer without hesitation, “it’s the ships!”

Ordnance training at VandenbergAFB

Of course, these cadets will also say that a tour of an explosive ordinance disposal training facility is not soon forgotten either.