AIRPAC is About Training

Sea Cadets are in a year-round state of learning and training. During summer they can participate in numerous trainings throughout the United States and the world at little or no cost to the cadet. Much of the training a cadet receives is similar to the actual training Navy personnel receive. Sea Cadets have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Navy training including SCUBA diving, firefighting, medical and surgical training, search and rescue, naval aviation, and much, much more.   

Training takes place in the class room, with lectures and computerized lesson plans. Training also takes place in actual hands-on performance and on-the-job training. It can also take place on the land, in the air, and at sea. At-sea, training takes place aboard Navy and Coast Guard surface vessels and submarines. Sea Cadet training also takes place in countries throughout the world, including England, Australia, Japan, Russia, Italy, and Canada.


Ever receive live fire hose training from your local fire department?

AIRPAC cadets have.

Ever receive marksmanship training and qualification? Qualified cadets were able to fire M1 Garands and even the G3!

AIRPAC cadets have.


Ever received complete emergency medical technician training at the age of 16?   

AIRPAC cadets have.