The Sea Cadet Mission

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a nationwide organization dedicated to helping American youth realize personal success and achievement through a nautically oriented training program. Through Sea Cadet leadership, young American males and females ages 10 through 17 develop interest and skill in basic seamanship and its naval adaptations, while learning the value of patriotism, courage, self reliance, teamwork and accountability.


The AIRPAC Mission

The AIRPAC mission is to instill in every cadet a greater sense of teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, and self-reliance.  We help to prepare them for their future role as our nation’s leaders. We carry out our mission through drilling, training, and promotion of every cadet -- this keeps it challenging. Hitching a ride on a naval ship or aircraft and visiting some naval bases and maritime museums keeps it exciting. Our strategy is to challenge our cadets to work hard, play hard and above all, have fun.

It’s Not About the Navy, but….

It is as close to experiencing the Navy as you can get -- without joining. The Sea Cadet program is not a recruiting program; it is a character-building program. The program is managed by adult staff officers dedicated to instilling the core values of honor, courage and commitment into their cadets. These local volunteers are recruited by the U. S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, successfully pass a thorough background check and receive rigorous officer training.